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The Best of 2016!

2016 was an amazing year for Cassandre Poblah Photography. In a nutshell, I experienced a crazy amount of growth, gained financial stability in my company, and worked on over 40 shoots. With the new year less than a month away, I decided to look back and compile a list featuring “the best of” images of my work. It […] Read more…

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Miami Trip

    This is a pretty little gallery of my last trip to Miami. I needed lots of girl time with my best friend because I was still very heartbroken. She made me Cuban coffee in the morning and beans and rice in the evenings. One day she took me out for chicken and waffles, […] Read more…

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Lunch at Coteau Rougemont

Couteau Rougemont by Cassandre Poblah Montreal wedding photographer

Hello lovelies! As part of my personal goals as a wedding photographer, I want to discover all of the prettiest places in Quebec. So over the weekend, I headed east and decided to stop at Coteau Rougemont for an all day lunch affair with the kid, the sis, and the man.  Rougemont is soo gorgeous. It’s […] Read more…

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My afternoon at Sophie Sucrée

A Vegan Bakery in Montreal Hey! Cass here. I just wanted to share with you a wonderful discovery that I made when I was on a photo walk. Last Sunday, I had the great fortune of walking by a beautiful bakery called Sophie Sucree. From the moment we stepped in (I was with two friends), […] Read more…

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