A Vegan Bakery in Montreal

Hey! Cass here. I just wanted to share with you a wonderful discovery that I made when I was on a photo walk. Last Sunday, I had the great fortune of walking by a beautiful bakery called Sophie Sucree. From the moment we stepped in (I was with two friends), we were greeted kindness and professionalism. Now, for any of you who have gone out with me, you know how I feel about great customer service. Well, I was blown away by how awesome everything (especially the service) was. Yet, what’s really special about this particular bakery is that it is actually a vegan bakery. Now, I eat pretty much everything and so do my friends but I can imagine how amahzing this must be for people searching for gluten-free and/or vegan goodies. Even if you aren’t a vegan you should check out this place if for the decor alone. But- I must say, we tried the cupcakes and they were super yummy. I also tried an organic soda that was way better than my usual Ginger Ale. Oh, and they have cool jams (pictured) and other snacky stuff to buy. Next time I go, I will try their BLT, I hear it’s made with Coconut Bacon. YUM! They also have brunches for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, so make sure to check that out. Whatever you do, next time you’re in the area, make sure to check them out. I would tell you to say Cass sent you, but I don’t think you’d get a discount or anything:), but you can always try, or not. Till next time!

XO, Cass

Outside shot


Layan portrait


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