The women I serve are smart, design-conscious, and most importantly, discerning. That’s why I won’t explain quality, exceptional service, or the value of choosing an experienced photographer that delivers spectacular images. I already know that for you those things are a given, and I can assure you that for me, those things are a minimum standard. Instead, I’ve put together a list of what makes me different from other Montreal wedding photographers.

Wedding L'Ambroisie et L'Espace Canal by Cass Poblah

When you choose Cassandre Poblah Photography, you not only get me, Cass, as your principle photographer, you also get a seasoned pro as your second shooter. My penchant for great style and quality means you can be assured that your second shooter will always deliver the types of images you can expect from me- clean, timeless, and romantic.

Choosing Cassandre Poblah Photography means you get the perspective of two storytellers. I like to hang out with the ladies. I have an innate feminine aesthetic which translates to images filled with detail; your ring, the texture of your lace, the highlights in your hair, the color on your nails and your lips, that flawless cat eye- all get captured for you to remember. I love getting close up to my subjects, and having them fill the entire frame of an image. I also love picture perfect images, so you’ll often find me moving objects out of the way, inserting pretty things into a picture or telling people to move their faces a bit more towards the light.

My second shooters on the other hand, gets to hang out with the guys. I look for second shooters that like to pull back and let everyone do their thing and whose images tell an overall “story”. My second shooters, like me, are also exceptional at getting picture perfect candids. Their images show more of the environment, which complements how I photograph perfectly.

I think it´s pretty clear to see that my second shooters and I are not only photographers. For the discerning bride, we are the right photographers- and that makes all the difference.

Wedding at Au Vieux Moulin by Cass Poblah

Wedding at Au Vieux Moulin by Cass Poblah

Obsessed With The Wedding Industry
Before becoming a wedding photographer I worked at a bridal dress boutique. In fact, it was the couple years I spent there that gave me the taste to continue working with brides. Since 2010, I’ve been obsessed with learning as much about the industry as I could.

One of my goals is to pass that knowledge onto you. Every Wednesday you can check out the blog to read interviews with the best wedding vendors that Montreal (and surrounding areas) has to offer, read tips for getting the most out of your wedding photos or check out personal work.

Desi wedding by Cass Poblah

Affordable Luxury
As a consumer, I believe in buying the best of what you can afford. This by no means buying a brand just for the sake of its name. It means, choosing artfully crafted products that last and stand the test of time (which unfortunately, many name brand companies don’t offer). It means buying unique pieces that you can’t find everywhere, pieces you’re proud of and that make people ask where you got them.

As a producer and artist, it means taking my time to produce a body of work that is one of a kind, crafted one at a time, beautiful, and timeless. To me, affordable luxury is about offering a high end product in a very transparent manner. It means not making prices up as I go along, not charging “just because”, and above all, offering the best value I can, at the fairest price.
Fall engagement shoot in Boisbriand by Montreal wedding photographer Cassandre Poblah