This is a pretty little gallery of my last trip to Miami. I needed lots of girl time with my best friend because I was still very heartbroken. She made me Cuban coffee in the morning and beans and rice in the evenings. One day she took me out for chicken and waffles, and when I was very down, she took me to the beach. I found the saying “The cure for anything is saltwater, sweat, tears, or the sea” to be very, very true.

Even though I was hurting, I tried to take a lot of pictures and I gave my sister the camera on a few occasions so that I could sometimes be in the pictures. When I got home, I edited all of the photos from this trip, including the ones my sister photographed, but then forgot about them. Until, today, when I was looking for a document on my hard drive and came upon a folder titled “Miami trip, September 2015”.

I looked at my work and couldn’t believe how editorial looking my images were. They had me over here like “Damn, I should be in pain more often”. They made me cry (from thinking about how sad I’d been) and made me smile (from thinking about Cuban iced coffee and late night talks with my best friend). I hadn’t fully realized how much influence this city has on my style, my use of color, and what I find beautiful.

I thought I’d share this post and these pictures because this blog is like an online diary to me and because brides often ask me questions about “my style” and my influences. Well, here they are my dear. Miami is the place in the world that has influenced my style like no other. The colors, the people, the cars, the heat… it’s the place where I had my first kiss and where I grew up surrounded by excessive luxury. Cassandre Poblah Photography is very much a product of growing up in South Florida, visiting my aunt in Boca Raton, going to Key West with my family, and going on shopping trips to Bal Harbor with my mom and sister.

You can see it in my work by my use of very bold colors and bright images, my love of sunlight, and how I edit for creamy skin tones. Also, being in booty shorts my whole life probably explains why I love to see skin so much. Boudoir session, anyone? Well, there you have it.

Here are my favorite pictures from that trip. Xo, Cass

When in doubt, get a manicure, and then go out for matching ice cream!

Miami makes my heart skip a beat because of this type of lighting. Damn, no filter, no Photoshop, just the nice beautiful Miami heat.


I was so proud of this photo that I signed it. It was so drab and then I edited it and I impressed myself, lol. I find it looks like it could be in a magazine:).


Speaking of being in a magazine, my niece, nephew, and son look picture perfect.


This looks sweet, but he was probably talking about Naruto or a fail video. Pay attention to the direction of our heads, he seems into it and I was probably staring blankly into the sea, lol. He likes to keep me captive even though he knows I have no interest in Naruto, sports, or fail videos, hehehe.

Don’t be fooled by this picture. I cleaned it up completely, actually, I cleaned up the sand on all of these photos. I removed every single piece of debris, seaweed, or trash. I made the sand brighter and more creamy in color. The water has a turquoise undertone to it, and the sky is prettier. So if you go to Miami Beach and it doesn’t look like the photo, well, you’ve been warned!

Hanging out the window of a moving car. I was just so happy to see palm trees. I told all of my bff’s friends that were in the car with us “I’m from Quebec”, lol.
Thanks Tat for letting me drag you out to take pictures of me!
Montreal wedding photographer, Cass Poblah bio pic

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