Wedding at the Forest And Stream Club. Photography by Montreal wedding photographer Cassie Poblah-Candid CassWhat is the investment cost?
I offer three packages to fit the needs of my beautiful couples. While most opt for the middle package, each collection offers its own unique features and benefits, and I can help you decide which is best suited for your wedding day. To consult the in-depth investment guide, please contact me.

Why do you “interview” potential clients?
Whenever I get an inquiry, I immediately make it a point to call the bride and talk. This telephone conversation is a zero pressure conversation to see whether or not we’re a good match. This is important because as your photographer, I will be the one person to spend the most time with you. It is imperative that we “vibe”. Moreover, it’s important that I know your expectations, your personal style, and aesthetic, to know whether or not I can deliver an end product you’ll be happy with.

That said, I work best with couples who prefer candid over posed pictures, sunlight over flash, intimate over large groups, and appreciate great design. If ever, we feel we aren’t a good match for each other, I can refer you to other great and talented photographers.

I’m not getting married in Montreal. Can you still photograph my wedding?
Of course! Click here to see an example of a destination wedding. 

How long after the wedding will I receive my photographs?

A small gallery of your wedding will be available on my blog within one week of your wedding day. However, the complete gallery takes up to 8 weeks.

I’m eloping. What kind of services can you offer me?
Elopments and small intimate weddings are my specialty. Contact me to discuss how I can capture your day as beautifully as a big wedding.

Do you retouch all of your photos?
Yes! I retouch every single picture one by one to give them my signature look.

Are albums important?
Although it’s completely up to the couple, I believe my clients benefit the most from my services when they purchase an album. Albums are the best way to organize and show off your photographs. They are most likely to be passed on to your children (rather than a USB), and they are the best way to display your lovely photos. As a photographer, they also enable me to create collages, add text, and tell your story in a more meaningful way.

Can I see a complete wedding you’ve photographed?
Sure. Click on this link.

How far in advance do I need to book with you?
Weekend weddings, particularly those that take place on Saturdays in summer book the fastest. There is more flexibility in photographing weekday and Sunday weddings. However, to ensure that you are not disappointed, it’s always best to book your date as early as possible.

How does the booking and payment process work?
In order to reserve your date, you’ll sign a copy of the contract as give a 50% deposit which can be paid via direct deposit. Payment of the balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

For the complete pricing guide and to see if your date is available, please send me an email at