Tips, Tricks and Advice from Stephanie Yvars

Let’s talk about makeup! A while back, I interviewed an amazing makeup artist by the name of Stephanie Yvars. Stephanie is an American makeup artist who moved to Montreal to pursue her passion of Makeup Artistry.

I met her a while back and liked her right away. First of all, her hair, makeup and outfit were on fleek, so right away I was impressed by her:). But superficiality aside, what really made me like her was her professionalism, how laid-back personality, and how well she was able to bring out her client’s features.

I think Stephanie fits perfectly with my stylish and classic aesthetic and so I am very pleased to be featuring her interview on my blog. Ok, here’s what this beauty has to say about makeup as it relates to brides…
Montreal makeup artist Stephanie Yvars
How long have you been a makeup artist?
I’ve been a makeup artist for about a year in a half now, and was certified with my diploma this spring.

At what age did you become obsessed with makeup?
Pretty much since I was a little girl. I remember always going through my moms makeup bag and using all her products all the way up until high school.Montreal makeup artist Stephanie Yvars

How would you describe your signature look?
My signature look is definitely a black winged eyeliner, with soft pink nudes lips and a matte finish to the face. I like to keep the focus on the eyes, and healthy looking complexion.

What is the most important beauty advice you can give to brides?
To stay true to yourself, but don’t be afraid to experiment with the makeup. It’s your wedding day and all eyes deserve to be on you.

What are common mistakes brides make when it comes to their makeup?
Comparing their makeup looks to other brides. Don’t try to look the same as everyone else, set yourself apart and do you. It is YOUR wedding day after all, not theirs.
Montreal makeup artist Stephanie Yvars

What sets you apart from other makeup artists?
I like building connections with my clients. When they get their makeup done by me I don’t want it to just feel like someone else doing their makeup, I want them to feel comfortable and have conversations, like if you’re getting your makeup done with a friend. It’s all about having fun in the process.

What inspires your style?
So many things inspire me when it comes to my style. Whether by traveling, reading magazines, people, Pinterest, the list goes on. I like seeing something and then incorporating something of my own to make it “my” style.Montreal makeup artist Stephanie Yvars

How should brides pick their makeup look for their wedding?
You need to take a couple things into consideration, such as the type of dress you will wear, your hairstyle, what facial features do you want to have stand out more, etc. Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are great ways to help you get inspired. However when in doubt just consult with your makeup artist! But just make sure that with whichever look you decided to go with, that it’s something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

What would you do if a bride wasn’t happy with her trial look? With her wedding look?
That’s the great thing about trials, you have them that way the day of the actual wedding you can avoid these hiccups. The key is communication; as long as the makeup artist and the bride communicate and have a good relationship then it will go well.

How can a bride minimize her risk of getting a look that she doesn’t like?
To have a trial beforehand. This gives the bride an opportunity to tell the makeup artist what she wants to have done and what she wants to avoid. Bringing pictures always helps too.

What steps should a bride take to find the perfect makeup artist for her?
Well first off figure out your budget and from there you can look all local makeup artists in your area, or even ask friends who got their makeup done recently and how they liked the makeup artist. Also, always make sure to ask to see their work, whether it’s on their website, Facebook page, Instagram page, or simply ask for them to bring their portfolio if you meet I person with them.

This will give you the chance to see if you like their style. But most importantly make sure you connect. If you find a makeup artist that actually gets you, then the rest will be smooth sailing. Also make sure that either during the consultation or before the trial to let them know if you have any skin problems such as allergies to products or irritations, this will help prevent any problems.

Can you describe the makeup trial process?
Well I come to the clients home, I will usually ask for them to have some pictures beforehand that way I can get an idea of what they want. From there we start and I will go through the process with them, let them know what tones would look best with their complexion, etc.

I always make sure to give options to the client that way they engage as well and have full say on what they what to have done. I always like to let them know to speak up when they don’t like something or want something changed. Communication is key.Montreal makeup artist Stephanie Yvars

What kind of preparations (skin, etc.) should brides get before their trial? Before their wedding?
Before the trial I recommend coming bare faced, just because it makes the makeup application process smoother. I like to start with a blank canvas, whereas if you have the client come with makeup and you take it off the face can become red, irritated, or sensitive.

Before their wedding I would suggest doing a face mask to brighten the skin. If you decide to get a tan for the big day, make sure to do it a couple days prior to the wedding and not the day before. That way if it’s too dark or you have streak marks you have enough time to wash it out or take it off.

Either way the day of the wedding I bring under eye masks for my bride to put on, as some brides usually don’t get enough sleep the night before due to last minute changes, or because they’re just too excited or anxious. Either way I like to make sure the bride looks bright and refreshed before the makeup application.

How do you ensure a bride’s makeup lasts through the night?
By using a good quality primer and setting spray, they are absolute keys if you want a long lasting look! Sometimes after using the setting spray I’ll go in with a hairspray (yes hairspray) and spray that over the face as well, as this will lock the whole look together and withstand throughout the night. But before doing this I make sure the skin was properly moisturized that way the hairspray won’t dry out the skin.Montreal makeup artist Stephanie Yvars

What’s your favorite beauty quote?
“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” –Audrey Hepburn

Check out Stephanie’s work here.

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