Today’s interview is from Montreal makeup artist, Chelsea D. Chawsky. I met her when she was doing makeup for Brittany on her wedding day. I admire Brittany’s personal style so much that I knew that Chelsea must be awesome if she chose her to do her makeup. So being the ninja/stalkler go-getter that I am, I decided to send her an email and ask her for an interview. She said yes, obviously, and so we did an interview/photoshoot so that I could get to know her better, and so that my readers could really get real value from this post. I also wanted a chance for everyone to see Chelsea’s amazing personality shine through. I love everything about her style, from her hair, to her clothes, to her tattoo game (especially the heart, peace sign, and hanger) and I’m sure you will too:). Ok, so here’s her interview:

Montreal makeup artist by Cassandre Poblah Photography

Montreal makeup artist by Cassandre Poblah Photography

How long have you been a Montreal makeup artist?
I’ve been doing makeup for 7 years now and i love it just as much as when I first started:)

At what age did you become obsessed with makeup?
I was such a tomboy growing up so I never really wore makeup until I was 16. Started with the basics; eyeliner mascara and powder. Now I barely have room for more makeup haha.

Montreal makeup artist by Cassandre Poblah Photography

How would you describe your signature look?

My signature look; Fresh and beautiful . I love to bring out peoples features without masking them. My goal is to always make people feel comfortable and beautiful. Whether that means adding a bold lip or a set of lashes there’s always ways to customize it and make it your own.

What is the most important beauty advice you can give to brides?
Stay true to yourself and have fun it!

Montreal makeup artist by Cassandre Poblah Photography

What are common mistakes brides make when it comes to their makeup?
Always wear eyeliner and don’t be afraid of a little color. Sometimes when you go too light with lipstick for example. In photos it will come out even lighter and make you look washed out. Always have a lip gloss or lipstick to touch up during the night. This is something that usually fades away after a few hours of eating and drinking.

What sets you apart from other montreal makeup artists?

I have 2 rules when it comes to what I do. ALWAYS use clean products and ALWAYS make sure your client is 100% comfortable with the over all look. Too often I hear of makeup artist using the same mascara on everyone or the same lip gloss wand. Disposable applicators are a must.
At the end of the day you want someone who you can connect with and who understands what your goals are in terms of who you want to look like on your big day! I love going for coffee with new clients to get to know them and come up with some looks together.

Montreal makeup artist by Cassandre Poblah Photography

What inspires your style?
I get inspired by everything. Pinterest and Instagram are huge ones for me since they have a ton of ideas and looks, but I love taking a look and then changing it up a bit. everyone is different so why should all looks be the same right?

How should brides pick their makeup look for their wedding?

Pinterest & Instagram are wonderful! Just be careful since a lot of those pictures are very photo shopped not all looks will look the same on you. Like those stunning chunky braids everyone loves? Usually all hair extensions

What would you do if a bride wasn’t happy with her trial look? With her wedding look?

I always do a trial before hand until we get a look we love. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your hair or makeup on your wedding day.

Montreal makeup artist by Cassandre Poblah Photography
How can a bride minimize her risk of getting a look that she doesn’t like?

Always do a trial . I often tell my brides to do it for their engagement photos or if they have any events. This way you can wear it out for a day and if any adjustments are needed then we can tweak it before the big day.

What steps should a bride take to find the perfect makeup artist for her?
There are so many talented makeup artist out there. You want to make sure you connect with you makeup artist. Some artists are more specialized in certain looks so you may choose them based on what look youre going for.

Can you describe the makeup trial process?
Everything is do is mobile so I come to you. I always tell clients to have a few pictures of styles they like. I always always ask them what are some of the colors in the wedding and the style of her dress. I do hair as well so often I try and do something that will compliment the hair and the overall look, as well as something that is a little more “wow” than just every day makeup. It is a special occasion after all!

Montreal makeup artists-Cass Poblah -web-

What kind of preparations (skin, etc.) should brides get before their trial? Before their wedding?
I always suggest getting a Facial done maybe 2 weeks before the wedding. This way if you have sensitive skin and break out its not right before your wedding day. Other than that a simple moisturizer is all you need the morning of.

How do you ensure a bride’s makeup lasts through the night?
Primer is something that’s applied before anything to make sure everything last the whole day and Setting spray is applied after makeup application to seal it all in.

What’s your favorite beauty quote?

” May the wings of your eyeliner always be even!”

Montreal makeup artists-Cass Poblah -web--2

Well said Chelsea, well said:)

Click here to learn more about Chelsea:)
xo, Cass

Interview and photography by Cassandre Poblah

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