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How to go from automatic to manual shooting- Part 1: ISO

How to shoot in manual-ISO

I will be writing a series of photography tutorials for the fine folk at Bonnie Gordon College in Toronto. While these tutorials are aimed at professionals working in the food industry, my approach to photography is very lifestyle based so they can be applied to practically all genres. Also, I will be taking photos of stuff […] Read more…

How to Deal with Challenges in Your Freelance or Creative Business

I’ve decided to start writing about my experience as a freelance wedding photographer because the experience of being a business owner has completely changed my life. I know I keep saying how much this thing called photography has changed me, but it’s had such a profound impact on me- like the way people talk when […] Read more…

How To Become a Wedding Photographer (in 5 easy steps)

Emma-How to become a wedding photographer by Cass Poblah

I was just wondering how you got started in photography, and if you could give me tips on how to get started myself. I was asked the above question by a follower earlier today on Instagram and wrote her a long DM with the following tips. I thought this might be helpful to other people as well so […] Read more…

6 Tips to Transform a Boring Room into an Awesome Art Studio

How to decorate and art studio

How to Decorate an Art Studio My sister, Tatiana, is one of the most creative people I know. She is an architect, fashion illustrator, and overall amahzing designer. You can check out her work here. Ever since we were little girls, she would create all kinds of things that made me think that people were […] Read more…

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