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The Best of 2016!

2016 was an amazing year for Cassandre Poblah Photography. In a nutshell, I experienced a crazy amount of growth, gained financial stability in my company, and worked on over 40 shoots. With the new year less than a month away, I decided to look back and compile a list featuring “the best of” images of my work. It […] Read more…

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Miami Trip

    This is a pretty little gallery of my last trip to Miami. I needed lots of girl time with my best friend because I was still very heartbroken. She made me Cuban coffee in the morning and beans and rice in the evenings. One day she took me out for chicken and waffles, […] Read more…

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Lunch at Coteau Rougemont

Couteau Rougemont by Cassandre Poblah Montreal wedding photographer

Hello lovelies! As part of my personal goals as a wedding photographer, I want to discover all of the prettiest places in Quebec. So over the weekend, I headed east and decided to stop at Coteau Rougemont for an all day lunch affair with the kid, the sis, and the man.  Rougemont is soo gorgeous. It’s […] Read more…

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Studio Session With Amoni and I

Hi everyone! I’m back in school and it seems that this semester is all about studio work. In the past, I’ve been extremely drawn to environmental photography in natural light. However, the more I’ve been in the studio, the more I am starting to appreciate all of its possibilities. This is probably a good thing […] Read more…

My afternoon at Sophie Sucrée

A Vegan Bakery in Montreal Hey! Cass here. I just wanted to share with you a wonderful discovery that I made when I was on a photo walk. Last Sunday, I had the great fortune of walking by a beautiful bakery called Sophie Sucree. From the moment we stepped in (I was with two friends), […] Read more…

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