Hi:) I really love bridal sessions however I think I may be the only one in Montreal with that sentiment. Maybe it’s my American side but I always took it for granted that my pretty brides would want to have a bridal session before their wedding day. Alas, that is not the case.

I looked around the web and found really mixed feelings on these sessions. Some people loved them while some people found them to be an absolute waste of time. While I can definitely respect both sides, I am totally into bridal portraits. “But, but, Cassie, I don’t want to spend anymore money, besides, you’ll get enough photos of me on my wedding day right?” Umm, yes and no would be the correct answer:) Of course I’ll get portraits of you! But if you’re looking for something truly amazing, I think this is it. Ok, hear me out as I list five reasons why I think every bride should (at least seriously) condsider a bridal session:

1. You can get creative: With your makeup, your hair, props, whatever. In this session we used massive balloons tied in tulle. They probably would’ve been a hassle to carry around if we hadn’t had lots of time for loading and unloading them and wrapping and unwrapping them in their protective bag. Sky really is the limit in how to incorporate the things you love into your session. Bridal session at a Montreal mansion by Cass PoblahBridal session at a Montreal mansion by Cass Poblah

2. You get to see the total look: If you have a trial hair and makeup session scheduled (and you definitely should) why not try on the dress as well? You will get to see exactly what you will look like on your wedding day and can easily make adjustments if you don’t like something.Bridal session at a Montreal mansion by Cass PoblahBridal session at a Montreal mansion by Cass PoblahKatherine at the Mansion by Cass Poblah-1328

3. Locations: Unlike your wedding day where you may not have the chance or the time to go to multiple locations or even a location you just plain love, during bridal sessions, you’re really only limited by your own imagination. Dreamed of a photoshoot on the beach, cool! Want to frolic in nature with mountains as the backdrop? Yes please! If you’re worried about your dress, don’t be, we are soo careful about keeping dresses clean, and if you aren’t convinced we can always do something pretty indoors, like Joelle did in this Terry Richardson inspired bridal session.Bridal session at a Montreal mansion by Cass Poblah

4. You’ll be comfortable in front of the camera: If you’re anything like me, you’re super awkward in front of cameras. The bridal session is a chance for you to get your modeling skills on. It’s a chance for you to work with me and get comfy with me directing you (in the nicest, most natural way, of course:)). Having been in several photoshoots myself, I can tell you that unless you are Miranda Kerr, there is a huge difference in the images you get when you are at ease with the person behind the lens.Bridal session at a Montreal mansion by Cass PoblahBridal session at a Montreal mansion by Cass PoblahKatherine by Cass PoblahBridal session at a Montreal mansion by Cass Poblah5. It’s FUN!: I mean from the makeup to the hair to the photoshoot that is all about YOU! It’s just an awesome way to be pampered. It’s a time for you to get all dolled up and have everything be about you (ok, this sounds like your wedding day) but you get what I mean. Also, I’m loads of fun! Just look at how I crack Katherine up:)

And that’s it! I hope I’ve convinced your pretty ass:)Katherine at the Mansion by Cass Poblahfin.

p.s. Here are the links to the amazing vendors that helped make this session a reality:

Makeup by Dibawssette  &  Jojo Love Balloons (I will add the link as soon as the site is up and running).

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