Check this out! This is how my insecurities show up right before delivering photos to my clients. First, it starts with Pablo. It always starts with Pablo. He’s my second set of eyes when it comes to editing, plus he works at a huge ad agency and all of their computers are perfectly calibrated to show my images’ true colors.

3 reasons why creatives should embrace their insecurities by Cass Poblah

Once, I’ve taken Pablo’s advice and made some adjustments to my skin tones, it’s on to my sister. She is all kinds of creative, but most of all, she is blunt af. She’s the one who helps me pare down each collection of images. She has two requirements: that they are beautiful and that each image moves my story forward. She is unrelenting in her pursuit for producing quality work in her own art and she makes sure I do the same in my craft. It makes no difference to her that she’s been perfecting her craft for the last 25 years. “You need to push yourself with each shoot” she tells me. And so that’s why she receives messages like the one below:

3 reasons why creatives should embrace their insecurities 3 by Cass Poblah

Also, since she’s my big sister, she gives me great advice like “worst case, do it over”. So nonchalant about things, lolll! This is what my beautiful sister looks like, don’t be fooled by the yoga thing, she can be mean!! p.s. check out her tattoo. I totally copied her and all she could do was tell my mom on me, lolllllllllllllllllllll.

Tat against aqua door

Finally, I move on to my hottie. He’s there to like what I do no matter what! Somehow, he finds a million different ways to say the same thing- “You are awesome!” It definitely helps with the insecurities:)

How to deal with insecurites when you're an artist-2 by Cass Poblah

And, it’s the final boost of confidence I need before I send off a text to my clients telling them their photos are up on the blog. (Yes, I refer to myself as a kitty. If I were an animal I would definitely be a cat).

Feeling insecure sucks. Yet, as a creative, it’s something that I am constantly battling with. Is my work good enough? Will my clients like what I’ve done? Do I have enough experience to even write this blog post? blah, blah, blah. Still, I’ve learned that even though it’s not an awesome feeling to have when I’m going through it, I can use the way I feel to my advantage. Discover 3 reasons why I believe creatives should embrace their insecurities.

3 reasons why creatives should embrace their insecurities 4 by Cass Poblah

  1. We are the bravest of all people: Art in itself is a soul-baring experience. You’re essentially telling the world “Hey here is the culmination of all my pain, joy, experience, and creative vision all bundled up in this work. Wadaya think?”
  2. Those feelings let you know that you still care: You care enough about your work and your clients that you feel a bit insecure about whether your not you’re doing as best a job as you can for them.
  3. Creativity and insecurities go hand in hand: Creativity requires both introspection and intelligence. This combination of traits gives you a pretty clear understanding and awareness of your own limitations.

With that said, here are some tactics you can use to get you through the times when your brain just won’t stop telling you that you aren’t quite good enough.

Assemble a dream team: Pablo is my partner, he knows what I want to accomplish and he helps me get their technically. My sister keeps me honest by dissing me. But she also tells me when my stuff is on point and really wants me to succeed so I know that I can trust her to tell me the truth. Finally, bae is there to cheer me on no matter what. He’s not really going to tell me anything is bad although I know to remove a picture when he “doesn’t get it” or when he finds something weird. I like that he’s into sports and typical guy stuff because when he says that my pictures are amazing he is being quite matter of factish.

Know that you are doing something that most people wish they had the courage to do. 

Keep learning and practicing so that you are confident in your work. I was particularly nervous delivering my last session because I edited in a much darker way than I usually do and I colored each image in very bold and vivid colors, and added a lot more contrast than I usually do. I really liked it though and I had been practicing my new techniques for about a month so I was confident that I liked it. I just didn’t know if my clients would.

Use your anxieties to fuel your work. Think Adele’s critically acclaimed 21 album.

Be your own worst critic but don’t forget the other part- also be your own biggest cheerleader. 

Your insecurities are what make your clients relate to you: The more universal your work is, the more your clients can see themselves in your work. I mean, are you doing what you do for your haters or for the people who truly appreciate what you do?

In the end, I want my work to be loved and appreciated by those who hire me and I know that in order to do that, I have to keep putting myself out there. So if that means I get the jitters every so often, than so be it.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how that last delivery worked out for me, here you go:


2 Comments on Discover 3 Reasons Why Creatives Should Embrace Their Insecurites

  1. Cassie
    June 19, 2016 at 11:03 AM (6 years ago)

    Tata, you make me blush:)

  2. Tati
    June 19, 2016 at 12:28 AM (6 years ago)

    It’s not because I made it into the article that I love it so much! I may have many more years of experience than you, but I also struggle with my own insecurities. It happens when I’m in movement, pushing myself to get better. It won’t leave you but as I get more experienced you’ll learn to identify it, deal with it and accept it, and keep on truckin’. Love you with all my heart (even when you copy my tattoo) and as always, great post ????????????