Is there anything you want to do very badly but you keep finding reasons not to do it? Maybe it’s writing a book, or starting a blog. Perhaps you make the most amazing cakes and you’d like to see them sell at a trendy farmer’s market. Maybe it’s not even that deep, maybe you, like myself, just has a closet that really needs to be cleaned out.

For me, that thing has been owning a creative business. But it took me a long-ass time to do it. It just seemed like something for other people or a thing I should explore “later on”, after I’d settled into a career.

You see, at a young age, I was heavily influenced by both my mom and sister. My mom worked as the fanciest, most dressed up cosmetic chemist Miami’s ever seen. Through living with her, I learned to seek beauty in the details, and I developed an unhealthy obsession for the glimmer of gold and diamonds, the texture of leather, and the craftsmanship of hand-made objects.

My sister was obviously influenced by my mom as well. However while I admired her from the sidelines, my sister was right there with her playing on the field. She would design dresses for my mom (designs that my mom would actually have a seamstress make), draw awesome looking girls and color like crazy. Throughout the years, we would go together to Omer Deserres and Michaels and analyze the different thicknesses of paper, debate on different shades of red, or talk over the little details that would make whatever my sister was working on go from drab to fab. She went on to fashion school and later became an architect and fashion illustrator. I, wanting to be reasonable studied pure and applied science and then psychology. I didn’t necessarily like either, I just wanted to play it “safe”, and although I had wanted to do something creative for very long, I forced myself to believe that I was making the right choices for myself and my family.

Yet, despite making the “right choice” I was restless. I was quite certain I hadn’t yet found my calling and I was disappointed in myself for not living an authentic life.

Luckily for me, my gut (or obsessive thinking) kept reminding me that I should at the very least find myself a creative hobby. And so I decided to enroll in a commercial photography program because I felt that learning photography would be a good stepping stone to living a creative life. What I didn’t expect was that my hobby would turn into a lucrative side business, or that I could actually find such joy or calm from doing one thing.

To say that becoming a photographer is the best decision I could’ve made is an understatement. It has given me an unbelievable amount of joy, freedom, and personal satisfaction. I get to bring to life the images that I see in my head, the most AMAZING people are my subjects, and I create art that people actually use and cherish. I am finally the craftsman that I admired as a little girl. I’ve battled this one big thing and won. If only I could do the same for my closet.

xo cass




Some random facts about me:
1. I’m a mom to an awesome 15 year old boy. I know all moms say that but I swear my kid’s the coolest!
2. My style icons are Carolina Herrera, Barbara Barry, and Ralph Lauren.
3. Classic over trendy wins. Every. Single. Time.
4. I have four brothers and one sister.
5. I’m from Miami.
6. I married a man I met when I was a kid. It didn’t work out but I still very much believe in epic love stories.
7. No one believes me, but my closest friends know that I’m crazy amounts of shy. I may overcompensate when I meet you by talking a lot.


Enough about me! You love:

    • The look of natural light photography
    • Images that are candid
    • Pinterest
    • Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, People & L’Officiel
    • Fancy coffee
    • Classic and timeless style
    • Details
    • Film photography
    • Not saying “cheese” 


Sometimes I like to pose my couples as though they were models but mostly I like to pull back and let them do their thing. My style is at times raw and at times polished. While I’m very traditional, I’m heavily influenced by the grungy days of my youth. So I guess you can say my style ranges depending on my mood and my client.

My philosophy: Photograph every wedding as though it were my first or my last

Never would I: Ask you to say cheese

Inspiration: champagne & caviar, peonies, 24k gold, the ocean, rock & rap, my kid, couples with free spirits & wild hearts

Want to see more? Check out my portfolio. Or browse the blog for full wedding & engagement galleries.