Hi beauties! I hope you had a happy new year! 2017 was a CRAZY (in the best way) kinda year.  I really feel like I lived life to the max last year. I took huge risks and while some paid off huge, I fell flat on my face a couple times. But unlike last year, when I did this review, I don’t feel like I had any failures. Somehow, I turned all my negative situations to my advantage:).

So really, 2017 was all about lessons and blessings. I used to think that was just a corny saying, but the further along I get in my personal development journey, the easier it is for me to see how not to let bullshit keep me down permanently. Don’t get me wrong though, many tears were shed in 2017, but overall, I had an incredibly blessed year. This post is fairly long (about a year’s worth of stuff, lol) so I’ll just get to it…

What did I do:

I Participated in Salon de la Mariee again. I really love this show. In fact, I’ll make an entire post about participating in wedding shows because I think it could be really helpful for other photographers. I only participated in the September show because I want to limit the number of clients I take on in 2018. 2017 in review 2017 in review 2017 in review

I hired two wonderful retouchers! Ok, I did this waaaayyy tooo late. Initially, I was editing everything myself. It got really overwhelming though. I was basically photographing weddings on the weekend and then going to work and editing during the weekday evenings. It was nuts! The crazier part though is that I actually resisted outsourcing my retouching because I wanted to control the quality of my photographs. I was just a freak. I’d also had a weird experience with my second hire (more on that in a bit), so I was hesistant to work with anyone else. Near the end of my season, it became pretty obvious that I was doing more harm to my business than good by doing it all myself so I put my big girl pants on and hired a retoucher. A couple weeks later, I hired a second one. It was a great decision.

Here is my wonderful and beautiful retoucher. She’s also a wonderful hairdresser, you can check out her work here.

Ok, so I hired a second second shooter. I’m not really sure how to describe this experience. It was, ok. It did make me realize exactly what I’m looking for in a second shooter so the next time around I think I’ll be able to find a better fit for my business.

I made Youtube videos! They’re great! I just think I tried to make too many. I’m still getting people who are watching the videos and I get about 2 subscribers per month so I’ll keep going. Obviously, the more effort I put into this, the bigger the payoff. Youtube has been a goal of mine for so long, so I really want to respect myself and be more committed to it.

Noelly (of Fashion Unfold) and I organized an event called The Montreal Wedding Collective to promote collaboration over competition in the Montreal wedding industry. Montreal brides and grooms are really lucky to be in a city with so many amazing and talented vendors.

2017 in reviewI met Sam through one of my clients. It’s been a blessing collaborating with him on several weddings and projects. If you’re looking for a videographer, please check out his portfolio! 

I moved and Amoni is really happy about it. He joined a boxing gym and goes about 5 to 6 times a week for 2 to 3 hours. It’s really had a positive impact on his life and our relationship has strengthened.

Here is a cute picture of him with his gym buddies:)

I feel like I got a lot of things figured out in my business. I put several systems in place that are working out beautifully.

I actually got paid to travel! I had three destination weddings in 2017. I went to Mexico, NY, and Vermont! Holy moly this job is amahzing!

Here I am getting my tan on in Mexico:)

On the personal side, I woke up one day and didn’t feel anything towards anyone that was no longer in my life. I just feel completely neutral. I think it has to do with all the goals I’m accomplishing. I’m just too busy to give a shit.

OMG! Ok, so I took photos that I couldn’t believe was me. I’m definitely not saying this to be vain. I honestly cannot believe all the pinterest worthy shots I took! I got better at photography. I’m so proud of myself for that. I’m at the point where I know my clients will get beautiful images and that fills my soul with so much pleasure. This year, I’ll be practicing during the off season so that my skills keep improving.

Ok, so here is what is coming for me in 2018…

First of all, I will be hitting a major adult milestone this year. I’ll put up a post about it later because I don’t want to jinx it for now (you know, just in case haters are reading this, lol)

Rather than specific goals, I decided to center this year around themes. Those themes are:

  1. Beauty
  2. Peace
  3. Abundance

I want to live mindfully and in a way that reflects these three themes.

I will learn one skill this year.

I want to make one good habit and break one bad habit. I have so many naughty habits that I have plenty to choose from, hehehe, but I right now, it’s between excessive eating out or not having a bed time.

On the business side, I’ve made a detailed plan of how I can improve my marketing and services to better serve my clients.

Well, that’s it! I’ve gotten so much support from my clients, my friends, my family members and friends from the wedding industry. This is my love letter to you all. Thanks for joining me on the wild ride that was 2017. I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store for us!

Xx, Cass:)

2 Comments on 2017 in Review

  1. Cassie
    January 19, 2018 at 12:37 AM (4 years ago)

    Felicia!!! Honestly, when I said that I was looking at my work, like “wowwww” I was definitely thinking of you and Max. Your wedding had me shook. I’m so glad that I got to be a part of your day. You definitely contributed to my 2017 being amazing. xx

  2. Felicia
    January 17, 2018 at 9:20 PM (4 years ago)

    GIRL BOSSSSS!!!!! You are amazing all round, great job on all your work!!! You should be so proud!!! Thanks for everything you did for me and Max, we really appreciate it xox