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Nancy and Sébastien’s Gorgeous Wedding at Buffet Marina

wedding at Buffet Marina

Hi beauties! Nancy and Sébastien had a gorgeous wedding at Buffet Marina! Their wedding was about family and friends in a major way! The intimate crowd was really into cheering them on and making them laugh which made all the guests seem like one big family. Besides the amazing people, what made this wedding very special […] Read more…

Bibisha and Daniel’s Wedding at Vignoble de Chelsea

Wedding at Vignoble de Chelsea

Hi beauties! Bibisha and Daniel had a rustic-chic wedding at Vignoble de Chelsea and it was amazing. But what is amazing is not the fact that Bibisha, Daniel, and their entire wedding party looked gorgeous. Or that the venue was the perfect place to host such a fun and intimate event. What’s astounding is that they […] Read more…

Vanessa and Renaud’s Fall Engagement at Centre de la Nature

Engagement at Centre de la Nature in Laval

Who: Vanessa and Renaud Where: Centre de la Nature, in Laval Quote: “Vivre sans aimer n’est pas proprement vivre.”— Molière Wedding date: August 25, 2018 fin. p.s. Hello friends and family of Vanessa and Renaud! If you like their photos and find this couple beautiful, please leave a comment (in English or French) on this blog post below, or […] Read more…

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